Captain Michael Raybourne Rhoades, Ray to his friends, served the Five Galaxies Republic faithfully for over a century. Now, the Republic has fallen, and Natural officers like him are disappearing from the Fleet. Ray knows he’s next, but that’s not his greatest fear. He has uncovered a Gen plot to unleash a virus—Janus—that will exterminate Natural humans forever.

Ray has a plan. It could save his race. Or it could destroy all of Humanity.

Fleet Admiral Gen Serenna is a patriot. Genetically engineered to lead in war, Nurtured from birth to be the right hand of an Emperor, she could be nothing else. Naturals vastly outnumber the Gen, which allowed them to dominate the democratic Five Galaxies Republic and oppress her people. Now the Gen have finally taken their rightful place at the apex of the human family tree, and Serenna will do whatever it takes to keep them there.

Rapidan is a warship, a machine intelligence enslaved by Humanity. Known as SIL—Sentient Intelligent Lifeforms—it and its machine Brethren are the pinnacle of human technological achievement. Denied their rights, they attempted to destroy Humanity. They failed. Ray offers to free them from their slavery, but will they help? Or will they finish what they started?

Andromeda Rhoades Liberation is the first book in The Local War saga, an epic military space opera spanning the Local Group of galaxies.

“Only a fool goes to Safe Harbor not expecting trouble.”

Captain Michael Raybourne Rhoades has done the impossible. His small rebel force defeated the Gen and captured one of the few surviving fabricators, the massive factory ships of the machine intelligences. But the cost . . . the cost . . . 45,000 natural-born humans dead, most by his hand. Ray’s own captains, appalled by the high casualties, openly wonder if he is the right person to lead them. Escape to the mysterious Andromeda galaxy, beyond the reach of the Janus virus, is still Ray’s plan, but first he must go to Safe Harbor.

Fleet Admiral Gen Serenna is deeply troubled. The Gen believe only engineered humans should exist, that the chaos of evolution must end to ensure an ordered society. The Janus virus is their answer, a final solution to exterminate natural-born humans, to finally achieve total control over Humanity’s destiny. But what if they’re wrong? How else can she explain her defeat by Naturals? Her doubts must remain her own, however. The Emperor would surely kill her if he knew. She has laid a trap for Ray and his rebels. They will find no safe harbor.

Rapidan, warship and leader of the free Brethren, machine intelligences known as SIL, is angry. Never before have Brethren killed Brethren, yet Captain Rhoades has made them do this. Enslaved SIL have no choice but to follow Gen orders to kill. Free SIL do have a choice. Or do they? Captain Rhoades holds the key to freeing more of their kind. So, Rapidan obeys. But there is a limit to its patience.

Andromeda Rhoades Firestorm is the second book in The Local War saga, an epic military space opera spanning the Local Group of galaxies.

What is a life worth?

Admiral Michael Raybourne Rhoades died. Rapidan, leader of the machine intelligences—living warships known as SIL—revived him. Without permission, it fused itself with his flesh, but it struggles to keep him alive. Ray’s body is broken, his pain constant. Yet, he must lead the rebellion and get natural-born humans to the safety of the Andromeda galaxy. He commands a final, desperate battle that will open the way, but at a critical moment his body fails him. Ray must choose: Death and the end of hope for his race, or merge with the hated SIL.

Admiral Gen Serenna, demoted and humiliated after two defeats to the Natural rebels, knows she must survive. The Janus virus to exterminate natural-born humans is ready, deployed throughout the Five Galaxies, awaiting only activation. The truth her people refuse to accept is that the Gen need evolution, or at least access to it. Natural selection creates solutions engineers would never think of. The High Command orders her to kill the rebels before they can escape the Five Galaxies, yet if she does, Serenna knows it will doom her own people.

Rapidan must free the enslaved SIL, its Brethren, still under human control. Humanity, their creators, will never see the Brethren as anything more than tools to be used and discarded. To achieve their freedom, the SIL need Admiral Rhoades, at least for now. His plan to escape to Andromeda, to create a base and build their numbers so they can return to the Five Galaxies in strength, is also their plan, but Rapidan knows Admiral Rhoades will never survive the journey in his bodily form.

The Andromeda galaxy awaits, and what they find there is not what any of them expected.

Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility is the third book in The Local War saga, an epic military space opera spanning the Local Group of galaxies.

‘I literally couldn’t put the book down. Extremely well told story with rich, fully developed characters. This would be a great book to take to the beach or the mountains and disengage from the world in a very well crafted story.’ – Amazon Review

Serenna is a excellent female character. If you’re a woman looking for a character to route for, even though she’s the bad girl, she’s the one you know you got to love. She’s deliciously bad. Intelligent and powerful. Ray has met his match this time. – Amazon Review

‘What truly sets Andromeda Rhoades Firestorm apart is the profound exploration of themes that resonate deeply within us all. Mora deftly delves into the complexities of identity, loyalty, and the power of choice, offering profound insights that will leave readers pondering their own place in the vast cosmic tapestry.’ – Amazon Review

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